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Please, come back! I have muffins!

15.01.2015 - 23:17
Damn you Zeal! For going inception on me with Nether Gundam! This silliness is your fault!

Pick your earworm :
1. Sorakake
2. Gundam
3. Transformers
4. Gurren
5. Ange
6. Evangelion
7. Bay's Transformers
8. Rim
9. O
10. Iron
11. Xenogears
12. Voltron
13. Rangers
14. Escaflowne

I hope you have learned your lesson, and may that never happen again!
Critique is not Censorship - Page 34 - Brofist
Our hero winds himself in a pickle again. He will need a big hand to get him out this time!!!
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