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04.08.2014 - 15:51
I'm going meta here.

I've already established that I check both sides before deciding which one I choose. But it has a major drawback. The line that separates those two said sides blurs the more I look at, and into them. Until I notice how identical both sides are at their essence, and their differences are mostly superficial. And often - if not every time - both have simple petty rivalry about what they respectively think is right or wrong on a moral level. Anyone who did basic philosophy knows that many tried to define the nature of morality from Euthyphro and Socrates to John Stuart Mill and Hobbes, and it becomes obvious there isn't an absolute definition of what can be right and what can be wrong. It turns out pretty difficult to choose a side reasonably.
On the other hand, if the splice is based on factual evidence, I side with the one that is factually true. Although I might encounter ethical dilemmas.

Coming down to morality, instead of a choice based on that when I want to decide which side I want to identify myself with, I apply basic Laws of Stupidity. Which one is hurting their own cause and everything else at most by the way they act? Both are? Then so long! And thanks for the fish. There are other lakes and seas filled with them. Until overfishing has killed them all, that is.

Moral of the story: there's no perfect way to make a decision.
Critique is not Censorship - Page 30 - Self Awareness
Our hero is down and only the words of an energetic girl can get him fired up for a fight.
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16.07.2014 - 01:30
Let's have a minute of silence for those who have fallen last 4th of July.

Mighty social justice warriors and knights from Tumblr have chosen that fateful day, as a symbol, to go on a raid far into the darkest horizon of the Internet, to spread messages of peace, justice and equality into the boundaries of 4Chan.

The battle was fierce and dwelved into a tragedy akin to Waterloo or Stalingrad. The warriors were pushed out and exiled. As they retreated back into the walls of their homeland, isolated 4Chan mercenaries followed and brought their revenge to the inhabitants of Tumblr.

May we shed a tear to the many who were crushed by this attack and the innocents they have taken with them. Let this be a lesson to us all. For this to happen never again.

Also. On another news : what were they thinking?! Those mad fools.

One of the reason why I draw comics is my hope to entertain people enough so they won't get bored and go in the open doing really stupid stuff.
Critique is not Censorship - Page 29 - Pandemonium
Is our hero giving up? Is the challenge too grand for him? Tune in next episode!
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04.07.2014 - 12:21
That's our sergeant! *cue trombone*

At this point a music theme for the sergeant is in order. Too bad my composition skills aren't up to par for that. Yet.

I'm not giving any promises any more for a regular schedule to come back. Not because I don't want or I'm not able to, but because every time I do that something thwarts my attempts the day after. So it is my (wrong) conclusion that making promises is a curse on my daily work.

So while waiting for the next update, go play this game. It's a fun one to enjoy and I did a funny commissioned artwork.
Critique is not Censorship - Page 28 - Reentering The Dialog
Our hero is faced with the dangerous looming threat of a danger and alerts the most competent ally he could find.
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