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Latest brain winds
15.01.2015 - 23:17
Damn you Zeal! For going inception on me with Nether Gundam! This silliness is your fault!

Pick your earworm :
1. Sorakake
2. Gundam
3. Transformers
4. Gurren
5. Ange
6. Evangelion
7. Bay's Transformers
8. Rim
9. O
10. Iron
11. Xenogears
12. Voltron
13. Rangers
14. Escaflowne

I hope you have learned your lesson, and may that never happen again!
Critique is not Censorship - Page 34 - Brofist
Our hero winds himself in a pickle again. He will need a big hand to get him out this time!!!
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08.01.2015 - 21:35
These giants...

... are actually very small. #jesuischarlie
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06.01.2015 - 02:36
Well. Well. Welllll. Look who's finally decided to show up!

Also, Happy New Year.

I started this page last October the 3rd. This has to be the longest it took for me to do a comic page. And it's not even the most complicated one.

I guess you already know the reasons : IRL stuff, jobs'n bills, blabedeeblah...

I was also told I should drop the webcomic. I cannot tell the reasons which were... reasonable. It still miffed me a bit, although it was meant temporarily. After all I want to become a fully professional comic artist eventually. To be fair, I am already a professional artist as a freelancer. These past weeks however, I noticed I'm more experienced in doing video games art work, than comics. I won't call myself a great one yet, but I defend myself with full punches and kicks. I can do character designs, level designs, ambient designs, GUIs, animations, 3D... I can even do some basic code! NB: 'basic' the adjective, not BASIC the language, although I started with that on a Commodore 64. Anyway...
It is rather frustrating, I'll admit. Don't get me wrong. Working for video games is really fun. I've met great people, and got great experiences. I won't spit on that even it would make me win at the lottery. But doing comics was still my original aspiration for a career (alonside being a physicist in Quantum Mechanics), fully aware how hard it is to live as a comic artist. Video games in the end only pay for my bills, and comics are still a thing I do on my free time. I'm not alone there. Still I have no real idea if my comic skills have any professional value. I read that one can call themselves a true comic artist after drawing more than 750 pages. Don't remember where I read that.
How many did I draw so far in these past 8 years? 275? 300 top? Counting comics other than the ones that appear on this site. Heh! Almost half way through! Almost half a comic artist! Yeppoh Comic Version 0.4.0 alpha! Progress, my friends! I'm getting there!

I love writing stories, and I love illustrating them. Either as silly and surreal as the current "Critique Is Not Censorship", or more dramatic and spontaneous like "My Mama's a Weeaboo" which has its humble success in the Tumblr sphere. Take it as you feel proper. And I wish one day I can show you my biggest and most ambitious ones.

While waiting for the day I can draw comic full time : let's finish the current storyline!! Dern tootin'!
Critique is not Censorship - Page 33 - Painful Light
Our hero returns the favor.
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