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25.12.2015 - 11:18
Happy Holidays and everything!

The comic will be resumed. SOON!
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27.06.2015 - 21:26
And now for something completely different...

The comic is on the starting block again. So don't worry. The next update will be up soon, aiming to finish it for end September. Of this year.

In the mean time I did this piece of artwork for the upcoming "Capcom Fighting Tribute" book! Yay!
You can get the exclusive convention edition of the artbook at the San Diego ComicCon .
If you cannot attend the con, the standard edition will be available from these retailers .

There are so many talented stars in there it feels like looking at the Milky Way. I'm the dwarfy one with the beard behind Upsilon Andromedae.
Capcom Fighting Tribute
A supernova of talents. -
A supernova of talents. -
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01.06.2015 - 14:15
Welp! It's maybe time for a little update on what's going on.

Plenty of things actually. These past three months had a lot of work that piled up, alongside little projects to avoid routine fatigue. There's also little collaborations that will be presented here eventually that I think you might like.

So I reassure you that I have not forgotten the current comic. It's my main page that loads up everytime I start Firefox (and Chrome). So it's kinda hard not to be reminded daily of that tantalizing story I have and want to finish. And I agree that right in the middle of what I would define a Gigantomachia wasn't the best spot to have a forced hiatus.

If you're still here, whatever I did to deserve such patient and loyal readers was not enough.
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16.02.2015 - 22:48
It's that time of the month again!

Where I post a comic due four weeks ago!!! Gyah!

But there's also a lot of stuff going on that I will share to you in due time. Games, youtube stuff and games.

Also, I'm thinking of ending "Through Happiness and Sarcasm". Yes. After all these years THAS is aiming to a possible end. And then engage to another comic project that has been cooking for.. one-two-three-seven-eleven... a lot of other years. But it won't be that soon. If I want to finish THAS, I want to finish it with a bang! And by jumping the shark so high I'll do a high five with Andromeda. Also: not just one shark, but a whole ocean of them would be even more ridiculous.

After the current storyline finishes between this spring and summer, there will be a little hiatus where I finish other projects that need to end as well. Some sporadic THAS comics might be uploaded. All the while I prepare for the grand finale.

I will try to set all my pure satyrical, cynical and sarcastical essence into that piece. A magnus opus that might even melt Internet itself. Mwhahahahahahaha!

Well. Okay. Probably not, but I can dream!
A presumptuous and arrogant dream, but I can dream nonetheless!
Critique is not Censorship - Page 35 - A Hard Cookie
15.01.2015 - 23:17
Damn you Zeal! For going inception on me with Nether Gundam! This silliness is your fault!

Pick your earworm :
1. Sorakake
2. Gundam
3. Transformers
4. Gurren
5. Ange
6. Evangelion
7. Bay's Transformers
8. Rim
9. O
10. Iron
11. Xenogears
12. Voltron
13. Rangers
14. Escaflowne

I hope you have learned your lesson, and may that never happen again!
Critique is not Censorship - Page 34 - Brofist
Our hero winds himself in a pickle again. He will need a big hand to get him out this time!!!
Our hero winds himself in a pickle again. He will need a big hand to get him out this time!!!
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08.01.2015 - 21:35
These giants...

... are actually very small. #jesuischarlie
06.01.2015 - 02:36
Well. Well. Welllll. Look who's finally decided to show up!

Also, Happy New Year.

I started this page last October the 3rd. This has to be the longest it took for me to do a comic page. And it's not even the most complicated one.

I guess you already know the reasons : IRL stuff, jobs'n bills, blabedeeblah...

I was also told I should drop the webcomic. I cannot tell the reasons which were... reasonable. It still miffed me a bit, although it was meant temporarily. After all I want to become a fully professional comic artist eventually. To be fair, I am already a professional artist as a freelancer. These past weeks however, I noticed I'm more experienced in doing video games art work, than comics. I won't call myself a great one yet, but I defend myself with full punches and kicks. I can do character designs, level designs, ambient designs, GUIs, animations, 3D... I can even do some basic code! NB: 'basic' the adjective, not BASIC the language, although I started with that on a Commodore 64. Anyway...
It is rather frustrating, I'll admit. Don't get me wrong. Working for video games is really fun. I've met great people, and got great experiences. I won't spit on that even it would make me win at the lottery. But doing comics was still my original aspiration for a career (alonside being a physicist in Quantum Mechanics), fully aware how hard it is to live as a comic artist. Video games in the end only pay for my bills, and comics are still a thing I do on my free time. I'm not alone there. Still I have no real idea if my comic skills have any professional value. I read that one can call themselves a true comic artist after drawing more than 750 pages. Don't remember where I read that.
How many did I draw so far in these past 8 years? 275? 300 top? Counting comics other than the ones that appear on this site. Heh! Almost half way through! Almost half a comic artist! Yeppoh Comic Version 0.4.0 alpha! Progress, my friends! I'm getting there!

I love writing stories, and I love illustrating them. Either as silly and surreal as the current "Critique Is Not Censorship", or more dramatic and spontaneous like "My Mama's a Weeaboo" which has its humble success in the Tumblr sphere. Take it as you feel proper. And I wish one day I can show you my biggest and most ambitious ones.

While waiting for the day I can draw comic full time : let's finish the current storyline!! Dern tootin'!
Critique is not Censorship - Page 33 - Painful Light
Our hero returns the favor.
Our hero returns the favor.
25.12.2014 - 11:48
Merry Merriness!

While I'm preparing the comic to resume, I wish you all the best up to the new year and afterwards.
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25.09.2014 - 12:42
Kids. Never leap to a giant's head unless you're really sure to slay it down.

Because not everybody can get a ridiculously strong derped british spotted pony that can help you with a safe landing. A Main Character membership card is mandatory. Only then you can ask for a special permit to own rare superpowered animals for the need of your plotline.

The Main Character Club is more powerful than the Illuminati, but not as much as the Villain Club - which is surprisingly easy to enter.
Critique is not Censorship - Page 32 - Cut To The Chase
Our hero engages a ruthless fight against his foes.
Our hero engages a ruthless fight against his foes.
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15.09.2014 - 17:06
Well. It was about time.

Needless to say, these past weeks of august and september were quite eventful.

Off the top of my head...

A massive Solar Storm that unfortunately I wasn't able to see the auroras. It was cloudy the night of its peak.
Two great comedians - Robin Williams and Joan Rivers - shared us their last goodbye.
The publication of a simulation of Laniakea - our Supercluster.
That Isis thing that I'm not going to touch with a mile long stick.
My discovery of John Oliver.

Fun and not so much fun stuff indeed.

Although I think I'm forgetting something important. Something huge that overwhelmed some gamer fans. It had something to with video games obviously, but I can't quite put my finger on it. For some reasons I have the picture of boobs mnemonically linked to this in my head - which means I can bet Jason Schreier, and by extent Kotaku, are involved as well. And I don't think it's something freudian. So what was it?

*snaps finger*

Of course! How absent-minded of me!

Aksys released the 4th DLC for Oboro Muramasa Rebirth! It had an awesome and cute girl character with an intriguing gameplay. How could I forget this!
Critique is not Censorship - Page 31 - Ignore your limits. Limit your ignorance.
Our hero was forced to rush into battle.
Our hero was forced to rush into battle.
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30.08.2014 - 22:57
"Where's the comic?" you might ask.

It's coming as soon as I have freed myself from the clutches of rabid radical right-winged SJW white knights. They are calling me Patricia for some reasons, and their conditions are a pair of red-pistachio polka dotted dockers with a fluffy wolf tail.

Please send help. They are threatening me with Youtube videos directed by Jason Schreier in front of a copy of "Dragon's Crown" I cannot reach.
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04.08.2014 - 15:51
I'm going meta here.

I've already established that I check both sides before deciding which one I choose. But it has a major drawback. The line that separates those two said sides blurs the more I look at, and into them. Until I notice how identical both sides are at their essence, and their differences are mostly superficial. And often - if not every time - both have simple petty rivalry about what they respectively think is right or wrong on a moral level. Anyone who did basic philosophy knows that many tried to define the nature of morality from Euthyphro and Socrates to John Stuart Mill and Hobbes, and it becomes obvious there isn't an absolute definition of what can be right and what can be wrong. It turns out pretty difficult to choose a side reasonably.
On the other hand, if the splice is based on factual evidence, I side with the one that is factually true. Although I might encounter ethical dilemmas.

Coming down to morality, instead of a choice based on that when I want to decide which side I want to identify myself with, I apply basic Laws of Stupidity. Which one is hurting their own cause and everything else at most by the way they act? Both are? Then so long! And thanks for the fish. There are other lakes and seas filled with them. Until overfishing has killed them all, that is.

Moral of the story: there's no perfect way to make a decision.
Critique is not Censorship - Page 30 - Self Awareness
Our hero is down and only the words of an energetic girl can get him fired up for a fight.
Our hero is down and only the words of an energetic girl can get him fired up for a fight.
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16.07.2014 - 01:30
Let's have a minute of silence for those who have fallen last 4th of July.

Mighty social justice warriors and knights from Tumblr have chosen that fateful day, as a symbol, to go on a raid far into the darkest horizon of the Internet, to spread messages of peace, justice and equality into the boundaries of 4Chan.

The battle was fierce and dwelved into a tragedy akin to Waterloo or Stalingrad. The warriors were pushed out and exiled. As they retreated back into the walls of their homeland, isolated 4Chan mercenaries followed and brought their revenge to the inhabitants of Tumblr.

May we shed a tear to the many who were crushed by this attack and the innocents they have taken with them. Let this be a lesson to us all. For this to happen never again.

Also. On another news : what were they thinking?! Those mad fools.

One of the reason why I draw comics is my hope to entertain people enough so they won't get bored and go in the open doing really stupid stuff.
Critique is not Censorship - Page 29 - Pandemonium
Is our hero giving up? Is the challenge too grand for him? Tune in next episode!
Is our hero giving up? Is the challenge too grand for him? Tune in next episode!
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04.07.2014 - 12:21
That's our sergeant! *cue trombone*

At this point a music theme for the sergeant is in order. Too bad my composition skills aren't up to par for that. Yet.

I'm not giving any promises any more for a regular schedule to come back. Not because I don't want or I'm not able to, but because every time I do that something thwarts my attempts the day after. So it is my (wrong) conclusion that making promises is a curse on my daily work.

So while waiting for the next update, go play this game. It's a fun one to enjoy and I did a funny commissioned artwork.
Critique is not Censorship - Page 28 - Reentering The Dialog
Our hero is faced with the dangerous looming threat of a danger and alerts the most competent ally he could find.
Our hero is faced with the dangerous looming threat of a danger and alerts the most competent ally he could find.
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18.06.2014 - 22:22
Comic is coming.

I have some knotty weeks. I have faith in your patience.

So meanwhile, here's a dumb picture someone shared. =3
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03.06.2014 - 00:57
Never miss an occasion to get something good from something bad.

And thus we're entering the last act! Aha! Told you things are going to get really messy. Or flammy.

I had this page in my head for months. I've finally got to present it in all its majesty. Well... Until I manage to do one that dethrones it, that is.
Critique is not Censorship - Page 27
Nefasto's Critique is not Censorship - Page 27 - Well duh!... And yet... Why does it feel like it isn't true to reality? Let's find out.
Nefasto's Critique is not Censorship - Page 27 - Well duh!... And yet... Why does it feel like it isn't true to reality? Let's find out.
26.05.2014 - 23:31
And we finally arrived at the end of the second act.

Woopee! Gold! Mountain in Germany!

Next update, the third and last act will happen. Things are going to get a little bit more messy. Story wise. Not dropping-my-pasta-all-over-my-Cintiq wise.

Sorry that the comics are coming up every two weeks or so. Same old real life priorities : doing commissions for great people.
Critique is not Censorship - Page 26 - Hate Bandwagon
Our hero exchanges quest stories with a fellow fighter.
Our hero exchanges quest stories with a fellow fighter.
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13.05.2014 - 18:18
While the next comic is on the starting blocks,...'s some unashamed promotion on another game I was working on my free time since december 2012. Aside from "Meeting Noeroze" that is, which I hope to finish this year.
"Ilios - Betrayal of Gods" is a retelling of the after events of the Iliad following the destruction of Troy where you play the last troyan prince called Polites seeking revenge. It won't be the usual revenge story following the usual tropes of the genre.
I did the Backgrounds and some Concept Art in this one.

This isn't the only game I'm working on that I will be talking about this week. There's another iPhone game in that I'm the Art Director, full time.

You may guess why my updates schedule is a bit chaotic as of late.
[Aurora Studio] Ilios ~ Betrayal of Gods - Stunfest 2014 demo
Video of the Demo presented at the Stunfest 2014.
Video of the Demo presented at the Stunfest 2014.
10.05.2014 - 00:27
In the moonlight shines a dancing blue horse, as in a saga told by a warrior Norse!

Remember kids. Never let me write you a song.

Also welcome to all new readers who discovered this website - "My Mama's a Weeaboo" here to be more precise - in the last few days. I'm impressed that so many are still reading it. You, dear readers, are courageous. Hats off to all of you people.

On the topic off the ongoing storyline, I finally came up with something I'm satisfied with, and a little cameo never hurts.
Critique is not Censorship - Page 25 - What we don't know
Our hero trains himself in the night, readying himself for the big battle that will befall upon the land the next day.
Our hero trains himself in the night, readying himself for the big battle that will befall upon the land the next day.
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21.04.2014 - 21:20
A short intermission with this omake.

I wasn't really satisfied with the writing of the two upcoming pages. So adding to my busy schedule as of late I wasn't able to finish the new text in time to coincide with the drawing schedule.

Next comic we'll resume the story. Meanwhile enjoy this short one.
Through Happiness And Sarcasm - Page 242
Nefasto's Through Happiness And Sarcasm - Page 242 - Artist's thoughts about anything, anybody and anywhere
Nefasto's Through Happiness And Sarcasm - Page 242 - Artist's thoughts about anything, anybody and anywhere
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07.04.2014 - 13:03
Here we go.

That was some strong soap and non-toxic thinner our protagonist used there. Because cleaning dried paint out from fur isn't an easy task. The pony seems to like it.
Critique is not Censorship - Page 24 - Stay Little and yet Big
Our hero finds some time to take care of his noble steed.
Our hero finds some time to take care of his noble steed.
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04.04.2014 - 23:08
Since there's someone who's messing with the universe's space-time matrix just to annoy me...

Here's something related, but a little different while waiting for the page to be finished.

Do you see the attached image? This is one of the pages of a now deceased webcomic - I can't seem to find it anymore - called "The Storybook Logic" by Yosai I discovered back in the late February 2006. A pretty obscure and short one, kind of a blog comic, that I kinda loved. Does it remind you of anything?

Here's an hint for you.

Yup! "The Storybook Logic" was the major inspiration of "Through Happiness and Sarcasm". First a oneshot page, then a challenge of 46 pages in 3 weeks, just because I was unemployed and bored. If I hadn't stumbled on that webcomic, and then had the chance to be hosted later that same year by Michelle "Iris" Rochon, this humble website would have never existed. I'm sure I didn't thank Michelle enough for hosting me all these years. I'll have to fix that.

And Yosai, whatever you're doing now and if by chance, like I did on yours, you stumble on this website, thank you for your charming "The Storybook Logic".
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25.03.2014 - 15:43
Getting back to my normal schedule. I hope.

Baby steps.

The cool thing with this comic, I can experiment practically anything without the feeling of the deep breath of an editor flowing down my neck, teeth gritting for every decision I do that isn't really accepted by the comic conventions. I don't know if they exist, but many give me the impression those conventions are written on some tablets, sealed inside a sacred ark. But I am not a crusader and prefer the warmth of the light from my computer screen - not so keen to chase after a mythical artefact.

Anyhow, if my experiments work or not, I am not really losing anything. I only gain experience from the results.
Critique is not Censorship - Page 23 - Incompatible Expectations
Our hero runs to help a fair lady in distress!
Our hero runs to help a fair lady in distress!
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13.03.2014 - 23:33
Do you know what's more embarrassing than not being able to keep a promise about a delay because of many factors?

Me neither.

I hope I didn't alienate too many readers that came last Monday, and seeing their own hope crushed with the hammer of disappointment; a more devastating hammer than Thor's.

Anyhow, we are finally out of that place. I have the feeling we've been there for weeks!

Also I recalibrated the colours of my Cintiq.
Critique is not Censorship - Page 22 - Considerating Alternatively
Our hero manages to escape out from the gigantic dungeon on his mighty steed.
Our hero manages to escape out from the gigantic dungeon on his mighty steed.
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06.03.2014 - 23:20
The comic is still on the fire.

I'm a bit on the slow drive right now, because... well... You guessed it! Real life stuff is paving the road. And I don't like to rush stuff. It should be finished for Monday evening.
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